Affliction (2009) “Filipino Movie Full Review”

It is right that Philippines entertainment industry has produced many amazing love stories and comedy genre movies. But, they have also launched many thriller and horror genre movies and TV shows that are being loved and watched by hundreds of people. There are many Filipino horror/ thriller movies that will definitely scare you and will not let you sleep at night. These thriller movies are fun to watch on a Saturday night along with your friends and family. Also, 2017 is almost on its end and in these holidays, you can spend some fun time with your family by watching these Filipino movies.

Trailer of the movie could be seen below:-

Affliction (1997) Super Trailer – Youtube

Apart from movies, you can also watch any Tagalog TV show, drama serial or morning shows. So, now there will be no more missed episodes of your favorite Filipino drama serial.

Synopsis of Filipino Movie Affliction (2009)

Coming back to the Filipino thriller movies, you can add this movies in your to watch list this holidays and it will surely scare you.

Affliction (2009) Story and other Details

Affliction is a Filipino thriller/ horror genre movie that was released initially on 29th July 2009. This horror Tagalog movie is written and directed by Richard Somes. In Philippines, this movie is known as “Yangaw”.

So, Affliction is a movie based on girl named ‘Amor’, who is diagnosed with an unknown disease. The disease causes her to be a horrible monster at night who craves human and animal flesh and blood.

Amor lives with her father, mother and four siblings. They all got to know about Amor’s disease when one night Amor came home from work and collapses. They immediately took Amor to the doctor where they got worried when the doctor didn’t even know about Amor’s condition. And they were requested to go home.

Amor’s father, Junior believes in aswangs and he decided to call a healer. They called Lazarus, the healer who diagnosed Amor’s disease. He told them that Amor is infected by venom that enters the body through ears. Lazarus also suggested pinning a piece of garlic on Amor’s clothes as the aswangs could be near. Junior also decided to keep a copper knife with himself all the time, as aswangs are afraid of copper.

After some time, Amor’s conditions gets worse. Her father took her again to the Lazarus that asks him to visit him again after three days. The next morning, Amor went missing and the whole family went out to find her. Junoir found Amor with her covered all over in blood and a goat dead right beside her.

It happened again the next day, and they again found Amor with her mouth covered in blood and two security guards dead. That night, her father realizes that her daughter had herself become an aswang. He had to chain his daughter with heavy metal chains so that she cannot run away again.

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